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Aquavit Dill Martini Cocktail Recipe
2 years ago

Aquavit Dill Martini Cocktail Recipe

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Not too long ago, I was looking for a cocktail to go along with my initial viewing of Kung Fury. While the movie is a take on crappy American movies from the 80s, it was made in Sweden (if you haven’t seen it, there’s something pretty magical about a bunch of people who talk like the the Swedish chef trying to sound like tough New York cops), so I wanted a drink to pair with it. I remembered that Aquavit is also Scandinavian and goes well with dill, which seemed like a no-brainer since I had just come into possession of a delicious jar of dilly beans.

It turned out I couldn’t get my hands on the Linie Aquavit I had my eye on (it’s a special order in my part of the world) so I had to make a last-minute substitution of Plymouth gin. Still delicious (Pro Tip: it might seem counterintuitive but add a slug of orange bitters to this cocktail – you’ll see that some of the following recipes suggest that too) but way less bork bork bork, if you know what I mean. I’m still fascinated by the idea of making these martinis, so I’m grabbing all the recipes I can find and storing them here.

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