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I just wanted to sing.

Jess Tardy, country music artist, on her contentious relationship with a popular country music record label after it broke promises to her of artistic freedom.

Tardy left the Nashville-based label shortly thereafter and returned home to New England, which she says offers a much more supportive creative environment.

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A Field Guide to Chimp Limbs

Can whoever borrowed my copy of this please return it?


Items from the Vermont Pleasures Catalog

You had me at artisinal lubricants.


Tauntaun Rocking Horses

Actual intestines not included.

Do want.

Finally got to try The Alchemist’s Focal Banger on tap at the Reservoir in Waterbury on Saturday. I thought it was citrusy and complex, a bit tropical; definitely in the wheelhouse of people who like Heady Topper but with a lower ABV, which I cherish. Someone on BA called it the Juicy Fruit of IPAs.

When I was growing up in Waterbury the Alchemist (now Pro Pig) building was a sporting goods store…who’d have thought it would turn into a puppy mill for amazing beers?

Stainless Steel beer tumbler? Tempting…

Pretty sure this is the dryest mead I’ve ever had - they’re not lying about it being crisp. I’ve never had a hydromel and I’m enjoying it. Looking forward to getting my hands on their Valkyrie and pretending I’m sharing a flagon with Odin.